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Me Made May – An Overview!

Me Made May is officially over and it’s time to pick over the remains of a month of self-made clothing like a vulture over a carcass. I thought I would do a round up of my most liked outfits and also reveal my most worn item of clothing (I bet you can’t wait!).

By far and away my most liked (31 hearts on instagram) outfit was my self-drafted faux leather turquoise leggings, worn with “My First Sweater” a basic chunky knit Lion Brand Yarn pattern and a yellow scarf.

Yesterday's #mmmay15 self drafted faux leather leggings with also homemade my first sweater #memademay15 #sewing #knitting

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Second in line with was this Vogue dress with lace curtain-like fabric and a neon orange underlay which got 29 likes. I look particularly inscrutable in this picture – I am not sure why…?

Lace dress with neon underlay day for #mmmay15. Pattern vintage vogue. #memademay15 #sewing

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Finally the third most popular Me Made May photo with 27 likes was the Lisette Passport dress, worn here with a trench coat in sunny Glasgow.

Conversely my least liked photo was this:

Sadly I also had the chance to wear my waterproof cycling pants today too #mmmay15 #memademay15 #sewing

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Waterproof cycling pants – proving the observation I made in my last post which is that people really don’t like rain. This leads to my next big reveal: the waterproof cycling/hiking/camping pants were my most worn item of May. I wore them so often that I stopped taking pictures pretty early on so as not to bore people. Over the weekend a sales assistant in a camping superstore told me that this has been the coldest May on record. I have no factual evidence to back that up but based on the frequency I reached for the waterproof pants I would say it’s probably true.

Lots of bloggers like to talk about what they learned during the process of wearing homemade clothing everyday, but I am not sure I learned much at all. Maybe this is because I am particularly shallow or because I regularly wear things I have made myself and this felt more like a bit of fun than a journey of self discovery. Does everything need to be justified by a deepening self awareness? I’m not so sure. Or at least I am not sure that wearing faux leather leggings you made yourself deepens you in any significant way.

The best part of the month though was all the encouragement I got from friends, family and other people taking part in Me Made May. I was really surprised at how many people liked and commented. Thank you!

Well that’s it for Me Made May this year. I might follow up with a post linking to all my favourite instagrammers over the month. I think I’ll definitely take part next year, it may not be a journey of self discovery but it is fun!

Me Made May 2015 Pledge

I just took the plunge and signed up for Me Made May 2015. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for the last few years but I always seem to forget to sign up till it’s too late. Because it’s my first year I’ve decided to take it easy on myself and include altered and refashioned clothing in the pledge. I have also decided that accessories count so I may just spend the whole month in a wooly hat if it gets too tough.

For those who don’t know, Me Made May or #mmmay15 is a challenge designed to get anyone who makes or designs their own clothes to wear them every day for the whole month of May. You write your own pledge so you can make it as easy or as difficult as you like. Here is my pledge for reference:

I, Kristina from, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’15. I endeavour to wear at least one item of clothing I made myself or one item I have altered/refashioned for each day for the duration of May 2015

I have been hoping that my Ginger Jeans would be finished before the 1st May but unfortunately that hasn’t happened so my additional challenge to myself is to finish them before the 31st. If you want to take part yourself this is where you can find all the details. I will be posting a picture of my outfit everyday to instagram using the hashtag. Wish me luck!

An exciting oportunity for Scottish Makers…

Crafty Foxes

Mini Maker Faire is coming to Edinburgh this April! The event is being run by Edinburgh International Science Festival and applications are now open for people to take part.


If you make awesome stuff this is a great opportunity to show off your work and meet other people excited about making things. A couple of years ago my beloved and I showed some work at the Maker Faire in California (check out the awesome picture!).  We had an amazing couple of days and met some really interesting people. It really inspired me and gave me new ideas for future projects. I would absolutely recomend taking part!

Maker Faire

The event will be held on the 7 April at Summerhall and the deadline for applications is the 1 February 2013. Applicants can make anything from knitting, weaving and sewing to electronics, games and wearable technology. You can find out more at the official

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