Norwegian Mittens

For those of you who don’t know, I am half Norwegian – or half viking as my cousin likes to tell me. Norway has a long history of beautiful knitwear, not least the famous Marius sweater which I have always wanted to make one day. My childhood was filled with Norwegian designed knitted items made by relatives, but until last year I had never tried to make any myself!


The pattern is on Ravelry and is free and really easy to follow. I used some beautiful yarn given to me by my husband which he picked up on trip to Australia. Made by Cleakheaton, it’s a soft and luscious angora silk, I love the way the red has hints of pink mixed through the yarn.

They took me a long time to make and the consequence of this is that the tension is all over the place. The first mitten was made at a quite stressful time and the knit is super tight, but by the time I got to the second mitten I had calmed down and the knit is much looser. I managed to make them close to the same size through blocking but it’s not perfect. I suppose that’s the maker’s mark!


To protect the wearer from the wind I lined the gloves with some brushed cotton. I’m really pleased with the results and since completing these I have been given a book of patterns so watch this space.


You might have noticed that this blog has been dormant for a little while due to lots of life changes (these mittens were completed in December!!). But I plan to spend some time updating it with lots of posts over the next few weeks. Thanks for your patience.


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