Quick Update – Machine Knitting, Last Class and False Rib Trim

Hey everyone, this week was the last beginner’s machine knitting class at Edinburgh Contemporary Craft. For the last three weeks I have been working on a costume drama inspired plum and grey scarf as my final project. The scarf has two plum panels featuring a series of tucks and folds to create the illusion of folded sleeves and drapery whilst the middle three panels are made using punch cards to add a feeling of pattern and detail.


The are a few mistakes in the pattern panels which are caused by the punch card sticking in the machine but I think these add to the slightly abstract feel.


In the last session I decided rather recklessly to add a false rib trim to both ends of the scarf. In the end I only had time to do one but luckily Katy (the course tutor) has kindly agreed to let us come along for a drop in session next week so I will finish it off then.


After that there will be some darning to do, and then I will need to press and block the scarf. Pictures of this to follow!


The class has definitely given me the bug for machine knitting and I am looking into buying a machine for myself or coming along to more drop in sessions in future.  If you are interested in taking the class yourself booking has just opened for the next session, more details on the Edinburgh Contemporary Craft website.

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