Quick Update – Machine Knitting, Punch cards, Tucks and Prepping the Final Project

We are now on week eight of the beginners machine knitting course at Edinburgh Contemporary Crafts and the pace is picking up. Since my last post, I have slowly become more confident on the machines, getting better at casting on and off, and working with different weights and types of yarn.

In the last two weeks I have finally managed to get on to working with punch cards, which I have been looking forward to since signing up.

Punch cards in action

They are actually surprisingly easy to use, and give some beautiful results.

First attempt at knitting with a punchcard

We have also started planning and now working on our final projects; I’m making a scarf in purple and silver grey, partly inspired by the costumes on the BBC programme Wolf Hall (ridiculous I know!). The richness of the colours and the way the sleeves of the garments move are what I’d like to capture in this piece.

There will also be at least one panel made with a punch card because I love the pattern effect so much. I am not sure if the final scarf will be a success but I am excited to try it and see the results. Here is a picture of my first panel on the machine, which uses tuck stitches to create a folding effect.

I’ve really enjoyed the course so far and it has definitely opened my eyes to new materials, techniques and ways of working.


    • Kristina

      You should totally try it, its not as hard as it seems at all, you just need to find someone to teach you. I actually just bought a second hand machine at the weekend (blog post pending!) so I’m hopefully going to become a knitting machine master this autumn! xx

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