One Last Nettie

I’m currently going through a process of using up all the fabric in my stash so on Sunday I decide to make another Nettie which has to be my favourite pattern of 2014. The fabric was a simple bamboo jersey I bought a while ago from Fabric Focus. I initially had wanted to use it to make a top but when the shop assistant came to measuring out it out he discovered a large hole in the middle. Luckily he was nice enough to give me the extra length of fabric with the hole in it at no charge.

Grey Nettie dress

There wasn’t enough to make a second garment on its own, so I decided to make one last Nettie reasoning that I could always turn it into a shirt if I didn’t like the effect of so much grey.

Grey dress-1

I used the high front neckline/mid level back version of the pattern and extended the length to take it over the knee to give it that glamorous understated feel that I think a longer length gives you. I also altered the back slightly so that there was a little more fabric to cover my bra straps which keep peeking out in earlier versions I have made.

Kate and me after the ceremony

I debuted the dress on Tuesday when I was privileged enough to be invited to my friend Kate’s citizenship ceremony. It was a really moving event, far more so than I expected. It made me realise how lucky we are and how many people would like to have access to the privileges that we enjoy in Scotland. That isn’t to say that we shouldn’t keep pushing for change or trying to improve things, but it is important to remember the context in which we are living. So congratulations Kate, I feel honoured that you wanted to join us and be part of this country!

Incidentally Kate is the writer behind the fabulous Getting Where blog – she writes beautifully about travel and solo travel as well as general musings on life. I highly recommend checking it out.

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