Traditional Fisherman’s Knitwear

This week on a whistle stop visit to Aberdeen for work I was excited to discover a small but in-depth exhibition about traditional fisherman’s knitwear or Ganseys at Aberdeen Maritime Museum. I didn’t have very long in the exhibition so I didn’t have time to look at all the exhibits properly but there were some beautiful pattern examples on show. Interesting fact for all you Channel Islanders out there – although their names sound similar there is difference between a Gansey and a Guernsey (or Jersey)the shape of the garment is the same but Guernseys are made traditionally from thicker wool – so now you know! I’ve included a photo of the information panel so you can get all of the details.

The exhibition is free and on until 28 February (and only a short walk from the train station) so if you’re in the area and interested in knitting or fashion history its definitely worth a visit.

Gansey Exhibition 1






An information panel which asks the important questions.

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