Travelling at the Speed of Light

I thought I would write short post to give an update on what I have been up to over the last few weeks. This August I have been putting aside my own projects to be part of Speed of Light, a public art performance piece where hundreds of runners wearing light suits run a choreographed route on Arthurs Seat for this years Edinburgh International Festival.

I went to my first rehearsal in August last year, and I am now working on the project as a Wheelchair Athlete Leader, setting pace and leading choreography for wheelchair athletes taking part in the event, and as a Reserve Run Leader who is ready to take the place of anyone who is injured (fingers crossed that doesn’t happen!). Working on the project has been fantastic so far, I have met some amazing people and had some great fun. Not to mention the fact that it has provided a new focus to my own fitness and training.

Tomorrow will be the first time that a performance is seen by a full-blown audience and I am sure that lots of people will have lots of things to say about it. Before the reviews are filed and the pictures are tweeted I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed being part of the process. Sometimes it has been hard, we have had to work on choreography in the dark, often in difficult weather conditions but ultimately it has been incredibily rewarding.

Its hard for me to tell if it has any artistic value – I have never watched a full rehearsal, although I have run in plenty, and even if I had I don’t have the distance to be able to judge if it is any good or not. But I have never felt more inspired about my running, or met a more interesting and diverse group of people working together to achieve one goal. On those terms the project is an amazing success and I am proud to be a part of it.

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