StitchLab! An Adventure with Scientists!

A post I wrote for the Crafty Foxes blog, re-blogged here for your delight and delectation!

Crafty Foxes

Last weekend saw the first ever StitchLab, the latest and greatest evolution of the Stitchlounge. This time, as part of Edinburgh International Science Festival, pairs of artists and designers were asked to collaborate on a project to present a finished piece in only 36hrs. As the event was part of the Science Festival the pieces had to be inspired by discussions with a selection of scientists and technologists.

Sewing at the StitchLab

I worked with designer Jacob Birge to create a men’s jacket inspired by network visualizations presented by Professor Jon Oberlander to be worn by technologist Mark Daniels. This was an exciting challenge for me as I had never made menswear before.  Luckily Jacob knew exactly what he was doing and we soon had a plan.

Jacket Lining Detail

Professor Jon Oberlander showed us a selection of images which were very beautiful and captured interesting ways of presenting information. We tried to echo these in…

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