Adventures in a land of Digital Natives

You be the Voyeur - performance March 2011

Last week dancer Anna Gander and I made the journey up to Dundee for the second performance of You be the Voyeur at Digital Natives. For this I created a new version of the piece which came much closer to creating the electronic peep-show I had originally envisaged.

This time we showed it in a small enclosed space (at the Hannah Maclure Centre) into which the audience could wander in and out. Again we worked with the room testing its limitations with the dancer’s movements bouncing off the walls, ceiling and floor.

You be the Voyeur is a self generating piece of work which lives or dies by audience interaction.  The sound cannot be generated without more than one audience member present to shine a light on the dancer. This work is truly interactive: you literally create and are part of what is played out.

Luckily the audience at Digital Natives was a combination of adventurous and highly engaged individuals.  The atmosphere was electric and as Anna moved, and the jagged sounds reverberated in the space, it felt as though every surface was being coated with 0s and 1s.  The air was sticky with binary interplay.

You be the Voyeur - performance March 2011

The resulting performance was both intense and enjoyable. My favourite moment was when I overheard someone say to their friends “this feels really wrong” before getting really involved in interacting with the dancer.

Another bonus was that several members of the audience were very tech-literate. Lots of people came to speak to me afterwards and I had some really interesting conversations about the project, how it worked and where it could go next.

I took lots of video which I will be posting in the next few days but here are some pictures to give you an idea.  Finally a big thank you to Anna Gander, who was amazing throughout the whole process and whose movement was inspired, and to Clare Brennan who expertly organized the whole event.

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