Mixed Grille – Photos and Thank yous

A big thanks to everyone who came along on to Mixed Grille at Whitespace on Friday night.   We all had a great time and really enjoyed the oportunity to show off our work to such an enthusiastic audience.  For me the best part was meeting everyone who came along  and spending lots of time discussing art, sound and performance with you all.  And the good news is that I’m already beginning to work on the next installment.

There were lots of photographs taken on the night and here are the first few pictures to wet your appetite:

A brave audience enjoying some Exercise Magic!! by Yann Seznec aka The Amazing Rolo.

Mike from Noise Club making sweet sounds out of a cup of tea.

More pictures and video’s to follow!

One comment

  1. steve

    Hi, thanks for putting this on, your endeavour was appreciated. It was an interesting way to start a friday evening! Chatting afterwards about the technology and understanding the work and effort behind the performances brought everything to life.

    Look forward to the next…

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