Mixed Grille

Myself and a group of spirited individuals will be doing some experimental sound performances on this Friday, 4th June, at Whitespace in Dundee.  It’s a chance for all those who missed previous performances of Exercise Magic!! and the new and improved Lumierophone to check them out, as well as enjoying work by Sean Williams and Noise Club.


Mixed Grille Flyer 

Mixed Grille – 4th June 7pm White Space, University of Abertay Join us for a steaming hot greasy plate of experimental sound cooked up just for you. Packed full of calories and oozing with cholesterol this event is guaranteed to raise your blood pressure. Feast on performances and installations by Yann Seznec, Kristina Johansen, and Sean Williams followed by a generous helping of Noise Club. This is a meal not to be missed. 

What’s on the menu? 

Lumièrophone – Named after pioneers of cinema Auguste and Louis Lumière, the Lumièrophone is a screen which uses light to instantly create a generative soundtrack, functioning as a robotic foley system and exploring the relationship between motion, sound, and light. 

Exercise Magic!! – A performance based on “Real Results With Coronation Street’s Beverley Callard”, an aerobics video from the mid nineties. Yann Seznec will wear a custom-made outfit and exercise along with Beverley and friends…but who is controlling whom? Yann’s movements will disintegrate, remix, and re-invent the video in real-time, all whilst he’s getting fit and enjoying it too! 

The (Sound Of Music)’ – Sean Williams will present this subtle sonic picture of the unique listening history embodied in a vinyl recording of the famous musical soundtrack. 

Noise Club at Work – Noise Club will work to produce sound at their work stations. Throughout the performance we may have meetings or tea breaks. We will dress appropriately for the office environment. We will improvise using home-made regalia and other instrumentation. 

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