Desperately Seeking Sportswear

The costume for Exercise Magic!! didn’t just require custom made wii straps it also needed some good old fashioned aerobics gear.  Here is a still from “Real Results with Coronation Street’s Beverley Callard” which shows you the inspiration behind the look.

The video is from the mid 90s and my first thought was to try second hand and vintage clothing shops to find something to recreate the look.  Unfortunately it was only after an epic two days of searching  that it occured to me that lycra degrades fairly quickly (especially if its been worn frequently to the gym) which is why you don’t see any second hand.  So it was back to the shops to see if I could find anything new with a retro feel.  In the end I choose Nike Dri-fit stretch shorts in black with a blue stripe detail combined with a white vest top from Marks & Spenser (kindly lent by Michael (apparently only cost 10p in a sale 5 years ago)).

You can see the finished outfit at Cryptic Nights: SuckerBallz! at the CCA in Glasgow tonight at 8pm. Or check back here later to see photos and video of the finished piece.

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