Yeah Yeah Yeah I’m Luminescent

Last month I went to see the Yeah Yeah Yeahs at the O2 Academy in Glasgow.  The gig was fantastic and you can read my review on the Skinny website or check it out in the magazine which is out now.

Apart from the music the Karen O’s fashion was as inspiring as usual in a leopard print leotard accessorised with a selection of mono screen print capes and scarfs (for want of a better word) in simple tribal designs.  Half way through the set she added a flourescent pink face mask decorated with a swirl of electro luminescent wire which began at the nose.  Unfortunately my mobile phone completely failed to capture the moment and google has let me down in the search for someone who did.

What impressed me the most about her look was how easy almost every element would be to recreate at home whilst still looking effortlessly cool.  You could get the leotard from American Apparel (the new Zig Zag design is a close match), print the fabrics yourself on white cotton (even old sheets would do) even the face mask would be fairly simple.  Ever since then I have tried to pick up some EL wire but haven’t managed to find a supplier outside the US but fingers crossed I’ll be able to wear a bright pink mask out on the town some time soon!

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