Don’t bother me I’m hibernating

For anyone wondering what I have been up to I have recently been working on the prototype for a new project – the Hibernation Blanket. The basic idea is a crochet blanket laced with lights which pulse in response to your body heat. This can be used to snuggle up in through the long winter nights or it could be placed in the room and used as an alternative light source.

For the prototype I have crocheted a swatch of fabric to test out the effect (as you never know it could have been a terrible idea!). It’s powered by a Lillypad arduino and as you can see it looks quite nice so the next step is to make the blanket…


  1. Shefa Rahman

    hi Kristina

    im very interested in your blanket and how it works. im a fashion student and at the moment im in my final year looking for inspiration. many thanks shefa

    • arttart

      Hi Shefa, thanks for your comment, I’m so glad you like it! let me know if there is anything I can help you with. Kx

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  3. arttart

    Hi Lynne – So glad you liked it! I’m very close to posting updated images and information on the finished piece, so watch this space!

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