Introducing the Lumierophone

Following on from the UV Glove I have been working on a new project with Yann Seznec (aka The Amazing Rolo) to create a screen which generates sound in real time based on what is projected onto it.  Here is a video showing the results in action using Walter Ruttmann’s Opus I and II to test the results.

The Lumierophone (named after the Auguste and  Louis Lumière) uses seven light dependent resistors sewn into the sheet with connective thread.  The screen itself is made from a £4 John Lewis bed sheet and the components are hand sewn into the material.  The synthesiser is then connected to the LDRs by metal popper buttons and needs no computer to run. 

For the prototype version we have chosen to keep the mechanism visible.  In later versions I would like to experiment with using reflective fabric designed for projection and perhaps hide the stitching.  (although I do enjoy the classic wearable aesthetic of visible stitching).

The Lumierophone was presented last week at the Sounds of Silents study day at the University of Edinburgh and we are hoping to show it elsewhere in the near future… so watch this space.

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