Is Your Dress Changing Colour or Are You Just Pleased to See Me?

Last night I got an amazing chance to model some wearable technology at Cryptic Nights in Glasgow.  It was all part of a night of fun and games in which the wearable technology section was curated by Sarah Kettley.  Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to see any of the other events but I was given a really gorgeous design made by Jo Hodge which more than made up for it!

Close up

The top and skirt were made using recycled men’s shirts and responded to both heat and light by changing colour.  You can find lots more information and better pictures on Jo’s Blog including some pictures of the skirt in sunlight which makes the lining change colour.  The outfit was designed to make people aware of how they move, their body language and their interactions with other people.  It definitely had that effect with lots of people coming to touch the outfit and see the results.

All dressed up with somewhere to go!

All this was great inspiration for the electronic bunting project I have been working on which I have posted on Ravelry.  Hopefully soon I will get round to adding some pictures and a description here too so watch this space…

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