The Krzysztof Dydo Collection: Polish theatre posters from the last two decades

I’ve just come back from the opening of an exhibition of Polish theatre posters at the Traverse theatre in Edinburgh. I have to say I have never paid much attention to theatre posters, Polish or otherwise, but it was fantastic to be made to stop and take them in.

The dynamism of these designs stood out where as before most posters had seemed very ordinary. Each made an attempt to graphically and visually represent the the play rather than use tired old stock photography. Its a shame you couldn’t say the same for the accompanying play Cherry Blosom whose flyer is a little lack luster.

A few of the works are available to see online although unfortunately these are not the best of the lot. I like the way they are installed too making good use of the stairwell, with bulldog clips making a change from sweaty blue tack. If you’re passing by this is a great way to spend a half an hour.

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