Diversions Film Festival – Edinburgh

After spending time in Paris and Bergen (more about that later) I’m back in Edinburgh and have been checking out the Diversions Film Festival at the Filmhouse and the University of Edinburgh. I managed to miss the first night of films on Thursday, which by all accounts was very long and hot, but made it to the symposium on Expanded Cinema and a screening entitled ‘Process and Image: New Films From the UK’.

Whilst the symposium featured interesting documentation of Guy Sherwin’s 1976/2006 piece Man with Mirror (of which we were unfortunately only allowed to watch a clip (but I have found an illegal YouTube version here!!!)) and Paper Landscape (also on YouTube!) much of the day was spent arguing about the difference between video and film which was a bit tiring.

However at the screening there was some great work on show! My particular favourite was Jayne Parker’s Stationary Music (2005) featuring a performance by the composers daughter of ‘Sonata 1’ by Stefan Wolpe. Strikingly this was one of the few films which featured sound, to great effect.

Also for all the knitted art fans out there Jennifer Nightingale’s Knitting Pattern (2006) was a beautiful exploration of the form and colour of one of the worlds greatest artforms!

The festival goes on for the next two days you can see the full programme here, but get to the Filmhouse early as both screenings so far have been sold out!

One comment

  1. Lynn

    Just want to clear with you that the documentation of Man With Mirror and Paper Landscape on youtube are not illegal. It is done with the consent from the filmmaker. They are meant for references.
    You’re right about Parker’s film. It is very memorable for me too.

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