There Will Be Blood

Last night I finally got a chance to see this years oscar winner There Will be Blood. The film was truly astonishing. I felt that it had more in common with video art which doesn’t prioritize narrative in order to avoid Hollywood spectacle than other films. In fact There will be Blood with its long panning shots and and lack of a defined narrative structure and that eerie sense that it was reminiscent of something but you weren’t sure what reminded me more of the work of Aernaut Mik than of any film I had ever seen. The music was fantastic and parts of the film were just mystifying in a really good way I am definitely going to try and see it again although not many places are showing it now.


I saw the film at the Dominion Theater in Edinburgh which I had never been to before. What was quite strange about it was that they have a Gold Club section where everyone sits in leather seats and gets free drinks. Sat in the cheap seats it was quite distracting to hear all the rich folks bums creaking over the leather during the film. Very strange.

Picture taken from here

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