Let Me Show You Some Things – CCA

This weekend I visited the exhibition/video installation at the CCA in Glasgow which is the showcase for Sarah Tripp’s new film Let Me Show You Some Things as well as a large selection of short films curated by The Magic Lantern.

Unfortunately it was really busy (being a Saturday afternoon) but I thought I would take an opportunity to praise the fantastic sculptural installation built by Robert Orchardson. This sculptural wooden screening and viewing area is both practical and beautiful to look at making the best of what can often be an awkward space. Also this is the first time I have seen video/film work screened at the CCA without a lot of annoying light and sound bleed due to poor installation. The show is definitely worth a visit although there is so much to see that its best to go on a quite day if you can.

Tripp’s was beautifully shot at but difficult to watch, however, that might have been because of the parents letting their children play in the gallery running between the viewers and screen whilst others were trying to concentrate! Galleries aren’t playgrounds! I found this especially annoying as there was a big sign outside the gallery saying some of the content was rated 18 and therefore unsuitable for younger viewers. As an arts educator who often works with children in art galleries I think that taking children to see art can be a fantastic and rewarding experience for everyone involved, but they must be shown how to behave in a gallery. Their experience can not be had at the expense of others and it is totally irresponsible to take children into a gallery where the content is unsuitable.


Of the other films on show I only got a chance to see The Oates Valor from the Of Kith and Kin programme. This is a fun and insightful film about a teenager who has to leave the school band because of his fathers vicarious military career ambitions for him. Its definitely worth seeing (I also really like the poster too!).

Picture taken from wikipedia 

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